Family Register

Frances Sophia24 April 9th 1830 Ewell
daughter of Thos31 & Sarah Hampton32
Hannah25 do May 22, 1833 Guildford
William26 1 October 1836 do
Charles Thomas27 May 22nd 1842 do
Sarah Ann28 10 September 1844 do
George29 30th August 1846 do
Eliza30 19th September 1849 do
Sarah the wife of Thomas Hampton, Died 28th July 1855
Aged 47 years
Alfred Hampton Plampin15 Son of Alfred23 and Sophia24 July 3rd 1855 Born at Fore Street, City
Sarah Gertrude Plampin16 Nov 22nd 1856
Walter William17 Jan 4th 1857 *
Frances Sophia18 Sept 11th 1859
Harry19 December 25th 1861
Alice Maud20 April 11th 1864
Arthur Gage8 Sept 14th 1866
Ada Eliza21 Feb 7 1868
Flora Jane22 October 7 1870
George Alfred Ransdale34 Son of George33 and Gertrude16 December 5th 1876 Born at Bury St Edmunds
Sophia Jane35 October 1st 1878
Gertrude Ellen36 November 21st 1880
?Frank Albert37 June 18th 1885
Harry Robert38 November 1st 1886 ?E Dularch / London
Gordon William39 July 27th 1890

* This is obviously incorrect. The Birth Certificate shows the date as Jan 4th 1858